Comprising houses, flats, mansion blocks, shops, stores, hotels and institutional buildings, the MA’s‘Area of Benefit’ is the size of a small town, albeit only a small section of a vast capital city that faces innumerable challenges to preserving and fostering a sense of neighbourly community. There are a lot of stakeholders.

We want to bring residents, academics, students, traders, businesses and local government together to focus on matters where they can sensibly co-operate. From better traffic flow and safer streets, to enhancing & preserving heritage, to boosting the prospects of local restaurants, hotels, shops, businesses, the Marchmont Association aims to safeguard what local people value about living and working in this part of Bloomsbury.

2019 sees the Association entering a new era where it will reach out to address topical issues that may advance and meet the challenges facing the MA community.

The Marchmont Association welcomes individuals, businesses and organisations who see the merit of and want to help build civic pride, neighbourhood facility and community values that return the good fortune of enjoying life in this vibrant part of Bloomsbury.

You may be a permanent resident, a local business, a student, an academic or a frequent visitor to the area. Would you like to help? The Committee appreciates the support of anyone who can bring organisational and practical skills – and a little time each month.