Apologies received
Andrew Cussens, Mike Elles, R. Phillips, Angelos Tzimtalis, Caroline Persaud

Opening remarks
Tom Reed assumed the role of facilitator by agreement and welcomed attendees to the meeting.

Minutes of previous AGM
The Minutes of MA’s 2018 AGM were tabled.
Adoption of Minutes: proposed by Anne Sutherland, seconded by Tom Reed.

Presentation of Annual report
Trevor Shonfeld assumed the role of committee spokesperson by agreement and presented the Committee’s Annual Report.

Presentation of Accounts

The financial report for 2018-19 was presented by the treasurer, Nicky Sinnett.
The Accounts were audited by Anne Sutherland.
Adoption of the Accounts: proposed by Nicky Coates, seconded by Bob McIntyre.

Roger Cline asked for clarification of the Nil income on the most recent book to be published by the MA. Trevor Shonfeld explained that the committee is awaiting detail from Skoob Books.
Nigel Kemp suggested that analysis of the accounts from the start of MA’s role as publisher would show a profit from previous book sales, to offset the loss in 2018/19. This is an exercise that the committee has already carried out. Nigel requested a copy of the analysis.

MA Constitution
An amendment to MA’s Constitution was tabled by Trevor Shonfeld.
The amendment was adopted: proposed by Sue Heiser, seconded by Nicky Coates

Election of Committee
Richard Ekins: proposed by Tom Reed, seconded by Debbie Radcliffe
Debbie Radcliffe: proposed by Tom Reed, seconded by John Camacho
Angelos Tzimtalis: proposed by Bob McIntyre, seconded by Josephine Joseph
Nicky Coates proposed the sitting committee members be elected en bloc, seconded by John Camacho. Liz Paul, Bob McIntyre, Tom Reed, Nicky Sinnett and Trevor Shonfeld were elected nem con (unanimously).

Election of Joint Chair
Trevor Shonfeld and Bob McIntyre were proposed as Joint Chairs by Tom Reed, seconded by Glen Fennimore Jones.

• Carrie Eden tabled a petition to bring back local buses, all were encouraged to sign individually; BM proposed we sign as a group, passed nem con.
• Valerie Marchant spoke about soliciting cards in phone boxes. It was agreed this would be a priority for the committee.
• Concern was raised about the increased level of rough sleeping in Bernard Street
• David Marchant gave a presentation on increased crime in Bloomsbury Ward and lack of police numbers. It was agreed this would be a priority for the committee.
• Debbie Radcliffe suggested that the “Bloomsbury Breakfast” networking event could be resumed, since it is no longer able to be organised by Goodenough College.

The meeting closed with informal conversation and discussion.

Refreshments were kindly provided by the Space Centre.