The Marchmont Association (MA) is concerned with community issues in a part of Bloomsbury where Marchmont Street has an important role as the neighbourhood shopping centre. We describe this as our ‘Area of Benefit’ (AOB).

The MA is run by a Committee that is elected from the residential and business community at the Association’s Annual General Meeting, which takes place around May each year. There is a Constitution that is similarly agreed to by Members of the community who attend the annual AGM.

The MA’s objective is to serve and engage with the collective interests of the business, institutional, administrative, service and residential community within its AOB. We aim to promote and protect the heritage of the neighbourhood as well as the common values that bind an extremely diverse inner-city community together.

We are keen to promote intra-community activities and develop innovative ideas that will improve community life and the well-being of everyone with a stake in the area.

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Summary of Marchmont Association’s work during 2018/2019